Copyright, Gaming, and YouTubers

In recent months, changes being made by Google to YouTube, comments, Content ID, etc have been bubbling to a boil, and I find myself in two minds about who’s side I should/can come down on. Whilst I enjoy watching people like the various Yogscasters, The Completionist, The Angry VideoGame Nerd, Francis, Peanut Butter Gamer, The…

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How should “The Day of the Doctor” end?

We have less than a week until the highly anticipated 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who – and while there is speculation about what may be contained in it, or the story elements. I have a clear idea how I would like to see the episode end, in an attempt to close a gap in…

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I had to go out for a face to face meeting with someone today, and unlike other times, my brother was not around to come with me…

Me, through the years…

This compilation of photos throughout my life. I went from normal looking school kid, awkward teen, weird young adult, to the bloated and balding me now almost in my 30s.

030 - nintendo world sign

Some advice for Nintendo…

Here are my thoughts on how Nintendo could address some of the issues they currently face


My Retro Gaming Childhood

A look back to 1980’s pre-NES gaming!


New PC – Processor and Completion

The [right] processor arrives, and the PC Build is finished.

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